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Pavemint - The Shared Parking App

Pavemint - The Shared Parking App

Pavemint is a peer-to-peer marketplace focused on supporting smarter cities through mobility. By connecting people looking for parking with people who have parking to share, we help Pavers get where they are going faster and greener. Similar to concepts like bikesharing and ridesharing, Pavemint seeks to utilize existing resources, by unlocking a supply of private parking spaces in high-traffic urban areas. Get the app today: Listen to True American on Spotify: MAIN CAST: Zippy Cardozo as Zoe Justine Patrick as Diane Jake Marin as Duffy Joe Wegner as Fake Diane CONCERTGOERS: Denise Reynoso Felicia Hom Fasion Maxwell Edward Santiago Joseph Waters Duran Johnson Cristina Perez Elise Robson EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Randall Jamail Karen Romine DIRECTOR: Cameron Fife EDITOR: Cameron Fife PRODUCERS: Dan Marks Darwyn Metzger Sarah Zurell Max Baybak ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Taylor Trandahl WRITERS: Dan Marks Lauren Hoover Seth Kupersmith FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Emilio Pousa PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Gavin Anderson PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Stephen Moffatt Michael Hanna DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Noel Maitland COLORIST: Noel Maitland VFX: The Molecule FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA: Ashton Rae GAFFER: Joshua Simpson SOUND MIXER: Armando Macias BOOM OPERATOR: Erin Fitzgerald SOUND DESIGNER: Shachar Boussani PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Marissa Gallardo HAIR AND MAKEUP: Rebecca Kuzma WARDROBE ASSISTANTS: Jeneice Thompson Lauren Hoover PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH PHANTOM FIRM
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